Plate Link Conveyors

Plate link conveyors are widely used in the glass industry, the furnace chain furnace chain, food processing industry, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen food single-freezing machine pre-processing plate link conveyors, chain belts. Powder metallurgy, metal heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, bright, black, bearing, carburizing high temperature furnace plate link conveyors, baffle plate link conveyors, coating drying line plate link conveyors, foam nickel reduction production line , Washing machine, hoist, dryer, dryer, curing furnace chain plate. The conveyor chain, chain plate, quick-frozen, baking machinery, flat conveyor, screw conveyor, food machinery cleaning, sterilization, drying, cooling, cooking and other glass machinery annealing, baking flowers, bottles and so on.

Plate link conveyor belts are made of stainless steel plate stamping, chain drive, each section by 6-10mm support rod connection, its movement is smooth, powerful, suitable for conveying small high-density objects, the transport process is smooth, easy to install and replace , High cost, long service life.

Plate link conveyors
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