Decorative Aluminum Chain Link Curtain

Decorative Aluminum Chain Link Curtains are a very attractive, alternative fly screen for bars, restaurants, cafes and retail stores, making access to all public employees easily accessible, while private areas are not within sight of unauthorized eyes.

Aluminum chain curtains are made of anodized aluminum compounds, which do not rust. Our chain curtains are available in silver, red, blue, green, black, gold and bronze. They remain a cheap alternative to screening of domestic and commercial premises and offer excellent protection against flies, bees, wasps and flying insects.

Main Features:

1). Anodized surface treatment.
2). Various colors.
3). High durability and flexibility.
4). Customized sizes by requirements. You can get the reference about How to Measure Chain Link Curtain Size.
5). Smooth and bright surface.
6). Different tracks for choice. More tracks please refer to the Different Tracks of Chain Link Curtain.
7). Easy to install. We can supply the tip about Installation of Chain Link Curtain.

decorative aluminum chain link curtain
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