Decorative Aluminum Chain Fly Screen with standard dimension 90cm X 210cm

Decorative Aluminum Chain Fly Screens are made of anodized aluminum compounds, which do not rust. Our chain curtains are available in silver, red, blue, green, black, gold and bronze. They remain a cheap alternative to screening of domestic and commercial premises and offer excellent protection against flies, bees, wasps and flying insects.

Our aluminum chain curtain (chain door) fly and insect screens are ideal for the front or rear entrances found on most small businesses, the aluminum chain curtain is fly and insect protection is the cheapest way to cover a door opening.

All our chain curtains are suitable for front and rear door openings on domestic premises. Individual lengths of aluminum chain curtains hang from an upper track.


Material: Aluminum Wire
Wire Diameter:1.6mm
Chain Size:12*24mm
Standard Size: 90*210cm (36″ * 84″)

decorative aluminum chain link curtain
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